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"You don’t need to justify or explain your dreams. They belong to you."
— Paulo Coelho

Just came back from eating lunch with my boy’s at the cutest little restaurant <333

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What filter do you use in Instagram photos?

I don’t use any of the filters on instagram, I use different apps for filters :)

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Just had a somewhat healthy sandwich and it tasted amazing! Eating healthy could be so much fun I just wish I would keep eating that way.. I feel like I need to be more motivated. Is there anything that anyone on here does to be kept motivated? If so message me and help me out lol.. 

Happy Saint Patrick’s day btw!!!

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Had a great time today, first went to the mall got myself a North Face jacket and then went to the movies with the love of my life, 300 Rise of and empire was phenomenal, the acting, the scenery, the storyline just everything seemed right. I loved how they started off telling you about the previous movie and not ignoring it. I would definitely recommend this movie (specially if you’re into hot half naked men fighting) haha.. Hope my hubby never reads that lol… 

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Here are some of my most recent uploads on instagram ^.^ 

  1. I’m now a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 3!
  2. Finally I found some cute pj’s that say coffee <3
  3. I hate that we don’t have bath & body works but we do have The Body Shop which I’m okay with :)
  4. Eos favorite lip balm as of now. 
  5. Babe bought me EXPENSIVE diamond earings for Valentines day :O!!!

Ps. don’t forget to follow me on instagram and I will follow you back too (just let me know you’re following me from tumblr) @lovelykaren

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I’m somewhat back ( at least I hope )

Geez, it’s been so long that I haven’t been on here! It feels so nice to come back and see some of the old stuff I’ve posted on here though lol.. I miss blogging. I have become a slave to my job and I guess it seems like I never have time to do anything, all I do is work work work and when I do have some time off I spend most of it with my family (not that I’m complaining) but I do miss having some alone time with myself and my blog hehe… Anyways I am now a supervisor at my job! I can’t believe it only took me a year to succeed in that position…. my main goal is for management and I can’t wait HA!

It’s breakout season here in Anchorage AK, meaning that Summer is somewhat near ;) it sucks that we barely get any spring though our weather here is mostly Summer and Winter. 

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Had a good time today with my family <3

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Went to go watch The Great Gatsby last night… The way it was filmed was mesmerizing kudos to the director and the music was phenomenal, it was incredibly amazing. I haven’t read the book I just wanted to see it cause of Leonardo lol but it turns out that this movie actually teaches you something, what it taught me was to let go of the past which was something that Gatsby didn’t do which led him to a tragedy. 

Rambles beyond this point so if you haven’t seen it then don’t read beyond this point.

I haven’t hated a character so much as I did with Daisy! I mean why couldn’t she just have been straight forward? Why did she have to lead him on and betray him like that!? Ugh it pissed me off so much Gatsby did not deserve what was done to him, he gave her everything he did everything for her, and for what? (sigh) I hate indecisive people. I wish it would have been Daisy who got run over, Gatsby was even willing to take the blame for her!!!!!!! Sometimes love isn’t worth it. 

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It’s so dull outside but I kinda like it. The snow has finally started to melt it took long enough but I guess that’s the price you have to pay when you’re living in Alaska haha… Speaking of Alaska I recently started reading this book called 'Looking for Alaska'  So far it’s been really good, it’s about a boy (Miles Halter) who isn’t really popular at all so he decides to move to a different school in Alabama called Culver Creek. He then soon meets his roommate nicknamed “The colonel” who is basically the complete opposite of Miles but they somehow develop a friendship. “The Colonel” has this other friend (Alaska Young) which would be described as an attractive yet emotionally unstable girl. Also known as Miles Halter’s first crush. 

If you want to know more about this book just click here I’ve only just begun reading it, I’m on page 42 lol. I will continue a review of this book as soon as I get to finish it but that’ll be on a next post. 

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How are you? Its really been awhile.

Hey there! I’m doing great, how about you?? I know right it’s been forever :/ I even thought about deleting plenty of times but couldn’t bring myself to do so… 

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